Who are we?

11081455_652871578174679_2083985787838968703_nA Singapura talent, Khadijah Aziz, founded Kaifiyyah in 2013, started selling shawls via social media platforms. It soon grew to limited pieces maxi skirts, tops, wide-pants, outerwear, and her collection grew over the time since the label launched online.

Our designer’s passion for fashion and eyes on gorgeous fabrics and apparels, as much as she also prefers to have hers as unique and personalised. As Khadijah moved on to her next phase of hijrah, she intent to understand further the meaning of covering Muslimah’s Aurat. And so, she did… and still learning to be a better Muslimah, In shaa Allah. With these in mind, she puts these as the pointers whenever she design her label apparels, this time with the priority of putting Aurat as number ONE.

In 2015, Kaifiyyah was given an opportunity to be present in Negara Brunei Darussalam in a number of modest fashion events. And most recently, Kaifiyyah’s apparels are also available for online purchase in Perth, Australia, via Kazeca Studio.