Kaifiyyah was founded in 2013 by Kat Aziz, a Singaporean entrepreneur. With modesty in mind, Kaifiyyah did a re-launch of the brand with baju kurong labuh in 2019 and has since then churned out a myriad of timeless traditional wear with a modest twist suitable for everyday wear. She hopes to inspire and empower women within the community via their clothing, instilling confidence and pride in what they wear. Not only that, Kaifiyyah also aims to serve more working professionals in their day-to-day wear, particularly through loose fitting apparels. To date, Kat Aziz has participated in numerous fashion weeks around the world; in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, Brunei and Dubai.

Kaifiyyah is a unique and fashionable brand that caters to those who appreciate oversized apparel and modest fashion. With a focus on providing stylish options for those who prefer a more modest and relaxed fit, Kaifiyyah has quickly become a go-to choice for individuals looking to make a fashion statement while staying true to their modest fashion preferences.

Our collection includes a wide range of oversized clothing, from flowing dresses to comfortable tops, designed to offer both comfort and style. Kaifiyyah has redefined the fashion landscape by embracing the beauty of modesty and offering options that allow individuals to express themselves confidently.

With a commitment to quality and a dedication to inclusivity, Kaifiyyah has gained a loyal following of fashion-forward individuals who appreciate their unique approach to fashion. Whether it's oversized dresses for special occasions or everyday modest wear, Kaifiyyah has something for everyone seeking both comfort and style in their clothing choices.