Yasmin Mogahed LIVE in Singapore

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About Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed

Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed is known for her gift of captivating an entire audience with her thoughts and insightful reflections. She is a Psychology graduate, attained her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications from University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a skilled creative writer, her literature speaks from the heart and is felt by millions around the world. After her graduate work, she taught Islamic Studies and served as a youth coordinator.

Currently a writer for the Huffington Post, a highly sought-after international speaker, and author who focuses most of her work on spiritual and personal development. Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed is well known for her books available worldwide, Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free From Life’s Shackles and Healing of the Emptiness: A guide to emotion and spiritual well-being.

Healing the Emptiness: A guide to emotional and spiritual well-being

Many of us have lost our way in this life. Some people have given up hope, as they see no way out of their pain, their problems, their failures. Some people carry years of shame and self-hatred. And some live with a deep emptiness, despite worldly success.But there is hope. And there is always a road back. Just as we were sent on this worldly journey with the capacity to fall, we were also given the capacity to rise. Just as we would bleed, we would also heal. We would be designed with the divine capacity to cope.To survive. To even thrive through the storms. Each and every one of us would be given the God-given potential to see through thedarkness. To rise through the cold. To break again and again, and to heal again and again. And then to be evenmore beautiful at the broken parts.”

Friday, 25th August 2023

Survivors: A Quranic Study of Trauma and Narcissism

Trials and tribulations are an inevitable part of worldly life, and with pain comes trauma. Trauma is not just a mere feeling. It is very real, and its effects can be far-reaching. If we look through history, we will find that many of our heroes from the past also experienced trauma, and the Qur’an tells their stories of pain and triumph. How did the Prophets and those closest to Allah SWT survive and overcome their own trauma? How can we use the Qur’an and their stories to heal from our own wounds? And then to become stronger and more resilient?

Saturday, 26th August 2023

Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

At some level, so many of us have experienced emptiness. Very few people know why, and even fewer people know how to fill that emptiness. But we spend our lives trying. We try everything to erase the feeling. We look for any way to hide from our wounds and numb the pain. But what if we didn’t have to hide? What if our wound became the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and God? What if every wound served a purpose, and the process of healing made us stronger? This life and our entire journey here are not an end. It is a purposeful process, designed by God to shape our hearts — refining and remaking us — to prepare our souls for the final meeting with Him. And our wounds are a part of that process.

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