As we grow older, everything changes around us. Deep down in our hearts, during these hard times, we find ourselves reminiscing the good times we once had. Especially when friends and families are no longer able to gather as before.

Without a doubt, we feel like the ‘new normal’ has been going on for so long. We have no choice but to remember the first thing that kept us going because in the end, we are still together against all odds, surviving and trusting the qada’ and qadar of The Almighty.

This Eid Adha 2021, Kaifiyyah comes up with a curated campaign - ‘niyyah’ to harmonise one’s intention. Featuring our existing collection, enhanced with luxe fabric to represent its own sentimental value to the wearer. The theme is intended to portray the meaning of ‘niyyah’ in a form of a dress.

Remember why you started? Intention (niyyah) may not be the only thing, but it is the most important thing. Perhaps a deed is small, but it is elevated by the ‘niyyah’. 

Outfits featured :

Shirt Kurong Crepe
French Jilbab
Shirt Sumayya

Long Khimar

Written by Salam Siti

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