Well, this is going to be interesting! Frankly speaking, Shirt Kurong was quite a ‘first love’ to many! 
It was launched on Hari Raya Aidil Adha last year. Initially, our founder Kat Aziz came up with the idea of having an oversized shirt to be worn with a ‘kain batik’.
Shirt Kurong was designed for women who will look effortlessly modest yet stylish, even to dressing for a formal and informal event (wedding, hanging out with friends). Featuring oversized front patch pockets with flap, it comes with collar for some essence of smart-casual.
It became an accepted category for something in between batwing dress and modern ‘jubah’. Thanks to you, Shirt Kurong is one of our Signature design that will always be as breathtaking as it looks.
Written by Salam Siti

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