KURONG SITI - The Origin
Yay! It’s June and it marks our ‘Kurong Siti’ anniversary! Thank you for your love all these while. 3rd June 2020 marked Kat Aziz’s first launched ‘baju kurong’ via online platform on Instagram Live.
Originated from ‘Baju Kurong Laboh’, Kurong Siti and Kurong Lucy are the improved version tailored with love.
Take a trip down the memory lane, join Kat Aziz reminiscing her journey when it was first launched. Now that we have switched to www.kaifiyyah.com, we are really grateful for your constant and continuous support.
Our 'Baju Kurong' are our pride and joy. We are proud and honoured to be known as ‘baju kurong’ seller all day everyday!
Make sure you ingat KAIFIYYAH when you ingat ‘baju kurong’!🤍
Written by Salam Siti

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